Extraordinary situations require extraordinary answers!

The necessary health policy measures to contain the corona pandemic require creative, pragmatic and at the same time safe solutions in the most diverse areas of interaction between brand and consumer.

Our internal C19 task force is in close coordination with experts in the fields of event law, event and security management and the responsible authorities, in order to be able to provide assessments, suggestions and ideas for dealing with the current situation at any time, taking into account the current situation. In addition, we offer a wide range of officially prescribed or recommended "physical distancing tools".


What are modern and feasible alternatives to live events (digital events etc.)?

In the course of the current measures to contain the corona pandemic and the resulting restrictions in live communication there are challenges to adapt existing concepts and at the same time opportunities to develop promising digital formats.

The potential of digital live events is immense and will most likely develop in a similarly multi-faceted way as that of classical live communication. What seems new and unfamiliar at this moment may turn out to be a trend-setting innovation tomorrow. Creating special moments and emotions, interacting virtually with the audience and inspiring them will be a task that we look forward to with great joy and confidence from now on and also in the coming years.

Using the latest technologies, we will continue to develop and implement constructive solutions and concepts for our customers, also in the field of digital live communication:

  • Digital live events in the following areas: lifestyle, fashion, media and sports
  • Virtual product launches
  • Interactive Training Sessions & Workouts
  • Virtual workshops

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What is allowed when and where under which circumstances?

If you have any questions or require daily updated information on marketing & events in times of the Covid19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions, measures and recommendations for action etc., please do not hesitate to contact us.

Concrete regulations, such as the size of the events as well as the associated requirements for implementation, are made by the respective countries and are therefore not uniform throughout Germany.

Whether or not it is possible to hold an event, if necessary under certain conditions, is the responsibility of the local authorities. An essential basis for this decision is a comprehensively elaborated security concept, which requires a structured risk management process with regard to Covid19.

As the types of events are very different, it is necessary to take a close look at the planned event in order to be able to carefully weigh up concrete measures. In doing so, we follow the criteria of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for risk assessment and recommended actions for events such as:

  • Composition of the participants
  • Type of event
  • Place of the event and implementation
  • Notes on operational implementation
  • Possible measures to reduce the risk of transmission

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Physical Distancing Tools

Personal protection materials, which are required for the proper execution of events as well as a prerequisite for shop openings and safe office operation etc.

In order to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and to protect everyone from infection, appropriate precautionary measures are recommended by the Robert Koch Institute and sometimes prescribed by the German government.

We are in regular contact with various manufacturers and suppliers and are able to procure both small and large quantities of such protective materials as quickly as possible. The product range extends from classic disinfectants to individually printed protective masks and custom-made protective walls.

We offer among others the following Physical Distancing Tools:

  • Mouth and nose masks (3-layer disposable masks, medical disposable and FFP2 masks, polypropylene masks, fabric masks etc.)
  • Plexiglas protective walls (one-piece protective wall, hanging protective wall, individual plug-in system, expandable protective wall system, etc.)
  • Disinfection accessories (disinfection steles, disinfectant, disinfection spray, disinfection tissues, etc.)
  • Floor stickers / floor markings (indoor and outdoor, individual design possible)
  • Information material (posters, banners, counter displays, information signs, etc.)
  • Other accessories (foot door opener, hand door opener, mini-screen, etc.)

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