Berlin / Vienna / Amsterdam

For Snipes SE we did conception, project management and production on three promotional events for the 3rd season of Stranger Things in three cities: Berlin, Amsterdam and Vienna.

Inspired by the show itself, we concepted and produced a replica of the show's Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop for the Snipes flagship in Berlin. On launch day, we supplied the shop with real ice cream and served that to hungry shoppers throughout the day.

The Amsterdam Damrak Snipes store had a promotional area right at the entrance: we took the logo from the show's Starcourt Mall and hung it prominently from the ceiling. Below it, we placed a BMX bike as known from the show.

In Vienna, we went into the Snipes store in the 1st district and placed a Scoops Ahoy branded ice cream bike there to create a nice photo-op around the show and to promote the Stranger Things merchandise sold in store.


Snipes SE




Concept Development, Project Management, Production