Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, Paris, Marseille, Milan, Rome and Almada

In the course of the Snipes X Sprite collaboration, we took over the complete conception, project management and implementation for our customer SNIPES SE for POS campaigns in Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna and several other large cities in Europe.

Inspired by the campaign video and the collaboration, we developed customized ideas for the different stores to highlight the collection and products.

In the Berlin flagship store at Alexanderplatz we installed a backdrop consisting of sprite cans and set the highlight in the implementation with a cut-off BMW rear section. The trunk was equipped with ice cubes, cans, green LEDs and plenty of campaign product to match the campaign video. Visitors could capture their SNIPES x Sprite moment via Covid19-compliant photo station and share it online.

For the store in Amsterdam-Damrak, we produced and installed a 180° backdrop consisting of several hundred sprite cans and foiled the base in the entrance area to showcase the collaboration and draw customers' attention to it directly.

For the cities of Vienna, Paris, Marseille, Milan, Rome and Almada, we also used elements from the campaign video and transformed the product islands with branded barrels, green floors and unique Snipes x Sprite refrigerators into real eye-catchers.

The complete implementation was accompanied by several video and photographers in the different cities and the material was edited by us into a recap video.






Concept Development, Project Management, Production, Photostation