In 2023, Nike launched its new "Future Fitness" campaign with a focus on balancing movement and mindfulness to feel good. We were asked to highlight the new fitness focus through a Feel Good Kit for Nike's international trainers and coaching community. In addition to the new Nike training collection, everyone received a 6-minute journal, a matcha starter kit and a book on breath work.

We designed a seeding box for the kit to match the campaign and reflect the "feel your all" motto. Keeping the box plain white on the outside with minimal branding in order to double up as the actual shipping box. The stark contrast also enabling the campaign colors to shine though when opening and increase the excitement factor.

The kit was divided into two levels with a Swoosh cutout to provide further moments of surprise when exploring the contents. The Goodies on the upper levels neatly placed in inlays and the lower level easily accessible with the help of straps to reveal even more products from the training collection.

A personal message on the inside of the lid rounds off the Feel Good Kit perfectly.


Nike European Operations Netherlands B.V.




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