The Holiday Seeding was the result of a collaboration between Nike and Gore-Tex and was completed at the end of November. With the aim of encouraging people in the running community to stay active outdoors despite the dark, wet and uncomfortable weather, we worked with Nike to create a seeding box in line with the campaign.

The external design of the box is based on the Gore-Tex logo. However, when the box is opened, the inside reveals the unmistakable Nike design to clearly represent the collaboration.

The box is divided into two levels, with the top-level containing extras for the cold winter days. These include gloves, a cleaning kit for proper shoe care and a reflector for safe running during the darker months. The running shoes are placed on the lower level and fastened with laces to ensure safe transport.

In addition to the design and production, we also took care of the logistics for 100 seeding boxes to various European countries. The seeding box was translated into five different languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, French and German, to make it easier to understand.

To complete the packaging, the box was shipped in a Nike branded dry bag. This is also intended to emphasize the water resistance of the shoes.






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